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Laser Scanning and X-Rays

Berkeley Engineering And Research, Inc. (BEAR) has the ability to capture virtually any three-dimensional geometry using high-resolution laser scanning. Four examples are shown below:





BEAR's newest laser scanner is completely portable and fits into a travel carry-on bag, weighing less than 25 lbs. It can be mounted on a tripod or deployed on our truck mounted boom to scan downward on a scene or object.

Our engineers can be deployed immediately to document a scene, device, vehicle or building with photographs, measurements, and three dimensional scanning, to preserve all details.

The picture on the left shows the scanning of a pressure vessel in progress. The scanner is mounted and operated from the back of our pickup truck for quick deployment.

The scanned object is then processed, giving a three dimensional rendering as shown on the left. The laser scan data is used to determine vessel integrity and perform detailed risk assessments.


 The laser scan image on the left is of an intersection where an accident occurred. With the laser scan, accurate dimensions of the street were obtained for later use and analysis of the incident. 


Damaged Ship Hull Plate




This laser scan is of a damaged ship hull plate from a ship that collided into a dock. BEAR provided the shipyard with the exact shape necessary to repair the hull by scanning the side of the ship opposite the damage and "flipping" the coordinates.





An immersion heater is suspected of causing a large industrial fire. The X-Ray confirmed one of the investigator's theories.

BEAR labs has a portable X-Ray machine to quickly image encasings in the field. This helps investigators to determine which evidence to secure. Additionally, it can often avoid the lengthy process of destructive testing in labs.

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