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Product Design Services. 

Analyzing failures across our litigation cases provides BEAR with a unique opportunity to also design and engineer novel products and solutions.  BEAR now has a group of engineers dedicated to new product design, including prototyping, manufacturing, designing, and patents.  A great side effect of analyzing failures is not only finding the problems that still need solutions, but the enhanced ability to get to the root of the problem. Or sometimes you just have a brilliant idea you want some help getting off the ground. 


Contact us directly with your project idea to see how we can help.   

Product Design Study: Vehicle Center Support

Our Principal Engineer, Dave Rondinone, has been upgrading an early-90's model Miata for performance improvements. Part of this involved adding a more powerful engine, and stripping the unnecessary elements of the vehicle to reduce overall weight.  With this process though, the original aesthetics were lost and a new opportunity presented itself to design a new minimalist, lightweight interior. 

This opportunity resulted in the design below; a carbon fiber center support that  provides structural and aesthetic function. 

center support cad.png

The CAD design 

Center Support View 1.jpg

The Final Product. 


In Progress: Dave polishing the epoxy layer for a smooth finish. 

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