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Accident Analysis.


BEAR is uniquely positioned to assist clients by analyzing a wide range of accidents attributable to human factors. BEAR engineers can analyze the incidents and determine whether the accident is caused by the malfunctioning products or machines. Our expertise has been called on in various cases involving this know-how.


Anthropometric constraints upon the configuration of products or systems, for example, are well delineated in engineering case literature. Most products and systems are designed for use by an array of people, rather than for use by one specific individual.


In one case, BEAR demonstrated that a shoulder rotator cuff muscles injury resulted when a massage table collapsed. In another, our team demonstrated that neuro-muscular response of an individual is not sufficient for a lawn chair to tip over when legs of a lawn chair sink into soft ground. When another individual fell from the deck of a construction site, BEAR engineers demonstrated that the fall could only occur if the person showed negligence by walking backwards



The actual construction area and the simulation of the actual site for the analysis of the incident.

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