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Courtroom Support.


Our team analyzes and tests consumer products, manufacturing and commercial equipment, medical equipment, and construction defects. We apply a rigorous scientific approach to determine how the failure occurred, how the failure appeared over time, and whether it was due to misuse, material defect, or manufacturing/design defect. Moreover, we use state-of-the art equipment and software to determine failure analysis.

Both of our experts have expansive experience in giving depositions and testimony.  Contact us directly for a full list of trial experience. 

courtroom models

The BEAR team includes a sculptor, machinist, and fabricator that make courtroom models to help during trial. Below are just a few examples of models made by our staff in the BEAR lab, assuring scale accuracy of the models. 


To the left is engineer Giancarlo Lara, working on a milling machine. To the right is Dr. Jerome Singer, working on a drill press prototyping a system to detect pipeline corrosion.


railcar lock down

brake tester

speed reducer cut away

differential cooling prototype

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