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BEAR Specialty Product Line.

The BEAR engineering team has developed numerous

specialty devices and offers custom manufacturing of these devices

at our lab to suit your needs.

Autonomous Driving and
Drop-Down Computer Controlled Robots

Until recently, inspecting the interior of large pipes and vessels would cause interruption of plant operations and require scaffolding for large vessels.  BEAR's drop-down and autonomous driving robots can inspect welds and check for cracks, bulges and thin areas using a variety of sensor technology.  High magnification cameras and computer-controlled positioning facilitate and document detailed inspections without exposing personnel to hazardous conditions.  


Detailed inspections of 100-foot-tall vessels can be

completed in less than an hour, allowing inspection between batch cycles, while the vessel is too hot for personnel to enter and without plant shutdown for most processes.  Inspection robots developed at BEAR are in service in North and South America,

Europe, and Africa as well as the Middle East.


BEAR can work with you to develop inspection and

service robots (wheeled or flying) with autonomous driving

(LIDAR, radar or camera based) and way point driving capabilities.

The BEAR robot to the right uses LIDAR and cameras to determine

its position by matching its real-time local map with

a predetermined global map.  BEAR software is Python based.


Automotive Development and Rebuilding


BEAR engineers and associates

are continuously building and rebuilding automobiles and other vehicles to keep up on the latest technology and for fun! 

Contact Dr. David Rondinone

at if you would like to learn more.

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