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Prototyping, Developing, and Testing.

BEAR can design and prototype static mechanical components such as passive cooling systems, dynamic mechanical systems such as mobile rotating and extending radar support structures, or complex computer driven electromechanical devices. Additionally, we can test designs from 3D scanner systems to fuel injectors. 

Increasingly, consumer products require software to function. Often, the software is hidden from the consumer. BEAR engineers have written many applications such as DrumSoft© for analyzing laser scan clouds from pressure vessels; HVAC-t© to model, monitor and control facility HVAC systems; CitySAFE© to predict air and contaminant flow through a city in real time; GasFlow© for piping networks; BEARFlange© for the finite element analysis of piping components; and numerous other software programs for the analysis of hazardous gas diffusion and transient fluid surge. These programs were funded by Pacific Gas & Electric, the Welding Research Council, Chevron Corporation, and Mitsubishi Corporation. 

We hope you take the time to learn about our completed as well as ongoing projects, which are all innovative and philanthropic.

Static mechanical devices, such as this hospital bed for burn victims require mechanical engineering knowledge to be designed in a practical, efficient, and safe fashion. 

robotic visioning system


Frequently, inspections have to be conducted underground or inside of large vessels. To facilitate this, BEAR Engineers designed and built a robotic vision system that can be controlled remotely.


Our first robotic arm, Charlie, works primarily in South America, where it inspects coke drums, tanks, and ships. Subsequent units are used throughout the Americas, providing still and video images as well as 3D geometric captures.




Accident Analysis

Impact Analysis



Pipeline Failure

Robotic Visioning System

Exercise Equipment

Bench Press

Spinning Machines

Fatigue + Materials Deterioration

Gates + Garage Doors


Materials Science

Medical Devices + Implants

Electrosurgical Ball Electrode






Polymers + Plastics

Product Liability

Refineries + Power Plants

Risk Management

Testing Integrity

Risk Analysis

Tanks + Pressure Vessels

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