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Vehicle Engineering




 Vehicles of all sizes are built to move, and they are machines. Understanding the science of complex machines moving in the real world can be a challenge, but Berkeley Engineering and Research provides engineering answers from the perspective of multiple disciplines. We can analyze the internals of the system–and how those systems interact with a non-laboratory environment. While most of our work with vehicles is related to finding the causality in accidents and collisions, we can also help organizations extend the life of long-service highly capitalized machines.

Vehicle Accidents and Failure Analysis

The science of how vehicle accidents occur is important from several perspectives. Determining Fault is a prime use of this information, but there can be factors that mitigate fault, such as documented efforts to avoid accidents. BEAR's engineers can bring you both the science of that vehicle and also the environment where the acciident occured. Yes we frequently collaborate work with attorneys and supply legally authoritative and persuasive engineering information needed to support your position in court.

Extending Service—Failure Avoidance

BEAR has many years of experience using mechanical engineering in projects designing and extending the life of very large systems like stadium dome roofs, large scale municipal water treatment plants, and more ordinary machines like large earth movers. But our work isn't limited to only these large projects. We are big fans of machine transportation, even having some racers here on our staff. Our engineers use the multiple sciences required to get you the right answer for keeping your vehicles safely in service in any environment.

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