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Our videographer, Stan Huncilman, recreates events to illustrate the accident scenario. The accident is re-enacted and videotaped. Care is taken that scene and actors resemble the actual situation while maintaining the integrity of the incident. Videos like these can be helpful in the courtroom and outside of the courtroom.

adjusting for light
Adjusting light in a video to improve visibility: The image on the left shows how, in a tricky lighting situation with a bright background and a dark foreground the light, settings on the video can be set to be overexposed. On the right, the light settings on the camera are underexposed. Both settings are not satisfactory. The video below shows the adjustments that can be made to produce a satisfactory film quality.


The following video below is a re-enactment of an incident using the latest video technology. First the forklift is videotaped as seen in the picture on the left. Then a person in front of a green screen is videotaped falling. These two videos are then merged to create the desired scenario without expensive animation or dangerous reenactment.

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