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The Bear Specialty Product Line

 The BEAR engineering team has developed numerous specialty devices and will now offer custom manufacturing of these devices at our new facility to suit your needs.


Drop Down Weld Inspector

Until recently, inspecting welds on the interior of large vessels required seaffolding and interruption of plant operation. BEAR's drop down weld inspector uses high magnification cameras and computer controlled positioning to inspect welds remotely with personnel being inside the vessel. For a 100 foot tall vessel, the process can be completed in 1 hour, allowing inspection between cycles and without plant shutdown for most processes. BEAR drop down robots are in service in North and South America, Europe and Africa as well as the Middle East.





Electro-Surgical Instruments

The BEAR team has developed electrosurgical instruments for surgical cauterizing that do not stick or tear. These devices use BEAR proprietary metallurgy and electronic circuitry.


Custom High Torque Hydraulic Wrench

BEAR manufactures specialty fastening tools for high temperature connecting applications. We can custom design and build a hydraulic tightener specific to your needs to eliminate high temperature leaks in critical components.


Structured Light Scanners

BEAR designs and builds a wide range of structured light scanners for high accuracy, instantaneous scanning. The Holoscanner II is shown to the right. It is inexpensive, light weight, fits in a transportable case while at the same time providing true color in addition to 3D point cloud data.



Pulse Wifth Modulation (PWM) Controllers

BEAR has developed inexpensive PWM controllers that can control electric motors down to speeds less than 1 rotation per second with stable smooth rotation. We will custom build these devices for your applications.



Thermal Electric Generator Units (TEGUs)

BEAR engineers have developed TEGUs for scavenging electricity to power remote, wireless sensors in remote locations. We offer custom built TEGs with heat sinks to seamlessly integrate with your application in order to power all your sensor needs without batteries.


Magnetic Resonance Inspection (MRI) and Wireless Strain


BEAR researchers are currently working on coils and sesnors that will allow the inspection of pipes without removal of insulation. Wireless strain gages are currently in development and will be available in the 4th quarter of 2011!

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