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 BEAR engineers have scanned and analyzed numerous body part components including arms, legs, head and the spine. The scanned in digitial images allow computer stress analylsis and a more scientific assessment of injuries. BEAR engineers also analyze body dynamics in various situations that might produce injuries. 


Animating an Accident

Sometimes it is difficult to imagine how an accident actually occured. In those instances, a simple animation helps to show different possible scenarios. In a recent case BEAR's animator showed what might have happened. You can see the animation video here. 


Ladders on Uneven Surfaces
How far can a painter reach before the ladder will slide?

Ironworkers Installing Roof Decking
How would a worker fall accidentally stepping off the roof, would he head on the deck below?


Working out on a StairMaster
If the petal drive chain breaks,what peak leg impact force results? Can it cause a leg or foot injury? By analyzing the subject StairMaster, BEAR engineers where able calculate peak forces and again help settle the case.


Working out with an Inclined Bench Press
How much force does one push downward with the head on the bench pad? Can this much force cause a neck injury? BEAR engineers instrumented a bench and dynamically measured head forces. The results were instrumental in settling the case.

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