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Fork Lifts are amazing machines. They simply carry heavy loads UP or DOWN, but the science behind what's happening as these machines and their operators do their work is very complex. As mechanical engineers, we know that there is a lot to consider. Did you know that training is included in the engineering specifications for Fork Lifts?

Stationary Use. When the machine is standing, simply raising or lowering a load, there is an applicable set of physical laws that govern the machines performance.How fast, how high, and--critically--how much ballast?

In Motion Use. The physics change substantially when the machine is in motion. One possible result of our work is to demonstrate that a fork lift accident happened during motion, which may contradict the statement from the operator.

Hydraulics. Weak, inappropriate, badly maintained or failed hydraulic systems will cause the load to drop. Our engineering analysis will show you exactly why it fell.

Our Engineers have worked many cases with fork lifts. We provide litigation support, but our work can also help your organization to extend the life of these machines and better comply with safety and operational limits.

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