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HVAC Systems




Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning are critical components in a successfully designed structure. BEAR has substantial experience working with these complex machines. Our Engineers have helped a number of clients with their questions about HVAC systems.

Safety and Fire. One of the primary ways that we've worked with clients is by supplying failure analysis of systems—particularly after a fire. There are plenty of heat issues in these machines and proper installation is critical for safety. Did the system fail? Or did the installer fail?

Design Application. The first question for suitability to task is the volume of the system you are installing. But there are other design considerations, including the location of your system, the energy usage

Sound. The correct mounting for HVAC systems is essential for both long life and the comfort of your building's occupants. Loud HVAC systems can be remedied using a number of techniques and we can help you find exactly the right installation for your system.

Berkeley Engigneering and Research is committed to supporting clients throught the use of good science. Our work with HVAC systems calls on our experience in mechanical engineering, thermal dynamics and other scientific disciplines. We supply the best answer to support your position.

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