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RFID Systems




The BEAR team has developed a business method that includes an RFID tag embedded into a display advertisement. The RFID can also be embedded into a product. The display advertisement or product is communicated with by a user of a mobile communications unit such as a cell phone.

The RFID tag allows the user of the mobile communications unit to quickly obtain additional information regarding the advertised product or service (or unadvertised product or service) using an MCU. Additional information may include product specifications, dealer locations, and real time purchase or contract for services using the MCU (e.g. ordering ink for a printer or batteries for an electronic device).

The RFID tag provides the necessary identification information to the user's MCU and retrieves the desired information from a remote server or database using the MCU, service provider, telephone system and/or the Internet.

The mobile communications unit can identify the advertisement or product using the RFID and numerous communication protocols such as Bluetooth (such as described in Patent 6,895,221 hereby incorporated by reference) WiFi or other electromagnetic receive/transmit frequencies and protocols. Many different frequencies can be used. Today the most common are unlicensed low-frequency (in the range of 125 KHz), high-frequency (13.56 MHz), ultrahigh-frequency (902-928 MHz) and microwave (2.45 Mhz).

Information and/or purchase capability can be stored on Internet available servers or databases.

Patent 671,279

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